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Nom (en) : Cleric
Description (en) : Clerics are Human Mystics who borrow the power of the gods to perform miracles.
Race : Human
Niveau : 20
Classe requise : Human Mystic
INT : 41
STR : 22
CON : 27
MEN : 39
DEX : 21
WIT : 20

Cleric est l'une des classes pour Human du jeu.


À traduire

Clerics are Human Mystics who borrow the power of the gods to perform miracles. Although they often belong to religious organizations, some of them refuse to align to any one religion and act on their own according to their own beliefs. Their magic is mostly used to help other people. Due to the nature of their profession, they often travel to make pilgrimages for their religion.

Style de jeu

À traduire

Clerics have chosen white magic and support magic as the focus of their profession rather than direct magical attacks. During solo play, Clerics can increase their abilities by using magic and by wearing light armor. However since their physical prowess falls quite short of the Fighter class, they are slow hunters. However, since it is possible for them to have continuous hunting by healing their own wounds, they are not entirely inferior when it comes to solo play.

Since Clerics can use both support magic and white magic, they are considered critical in parties, and are welcome in almost any party to cast Might, Shield, and Heal spells. In addition, during a crisis situation, a Cleric can perform crowd control by using spells such as Sleep.

Transfert de classe

Cleric est une évolution de la classe Human Mystic.

Au niveau 40, la classe Cleric évolue vers (un seul choix possible) :