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Human Wizard

Classe-Human Wizard.gif
Nom (en) : Human Wizard
Race : Human
Niveau : 20
Classe requise : Human Mystic
INT : 41
STR : 22
CON : 27
MEN : 39
DEX : 21
WIT : 20

Human Wizard est l'une des classes pour Human du jeu.


À traduire

Human Wizards divide the magical forces in the world into four elements, as well as light and darkness. They then amplify the power of these elements and combine them to use in their magic. Most Human Wizards came from the Ivory Tower of Oren or are disciples of Human Wizards who came from the tower long ago. They can use the middle level elemental magic, black magic and summon magic.

Style de jeu

À traduire

Human Wizards are focused on elemental magic, summon magic, and black magic, and as such can summon a creature and use it as a tank, or absorb HP from a corpse and convert the HP to MP to reduce their downtime. During party play, Human Wizards deal great damage with their powerful spells.

Transfert de classe

Human Wizard est une évolution de la classe Human Mystic.

Au niveau 40, la classe Human Wizard évolue vers (un seul choix possible) :